Author interviews & journalism.

Here are some links to author interviews I've done for Quiddity. (the Bullsh*t ref is tongue-in-cheek rather than sarcastic and a reflection on me rather than my interviewers. I find soundbites hard. Hence, in interviews I always feel slightly frustrated at having to narrow myself down and present myself to the world, at not being able to express all of me and the necessity of just offering up fragments. But such is life and here are some links to fragments I enjoyed putting out there...)

I did an interview with the book blogger Workshy Fop where I chatted about paranoia, mimicry, influences, Burroughs and buying Battersea Power Station

Over at the wonderful For Books Sake website - a site dedicated to championing female fiction and well worth a visit - I did an interview where I chatted about the difficulty of creating female characters.

I went on BBC Radio 4's Open Book with Rodge Glass, the author of 'Bring Me the Head of Ryan Giggs' to chat to Mariella Frostup about the pros & cons of fictionalising real life people.

I did an interview the Metro and whilst I can't find the link, I did find an interview with Self where he was asked what he thought of Quiddity. Another publication, The Journal, ran some less delightful comments about Self's reaction to the book - but Self told me they had misquoted him...

I wrote an article for 'The New Humanist' about the establishment of the Will Self Club. (I am not, btw, some hardcore humanist in the style of Richard Dawkins. But The New Humanist is one of the most thought-provoking publications around today. There aren't many magazines I buy religiously (excuse the pun) but the New Humanist is one; Private Eye is another).

I did a podcast with Simon Savidge & Gav at Book Based Banter. We chatted about Self's reaction to the book. We had a bit of a giggle.

I also wrote an article for the Workshy Fop's blog  about being nominated for a Bad Sex Award

Quiddity was also discussed on Claudia Winkleman's BBC Radio 2 Arts Show by Alex Heminsley 

Henry Krempels interviewed me & Kate Williams for about the WSC for the Daily Beast.